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Kallipolis analyses quoted and reported by the press

China can now police the streets in Hungary (Frederick Lauritzen 12th April 2024). Defence Review UK (25th April 2024)

The air war over Ukraine (Avedis Hadjian 8th April 2024).  Defence Review UK (9th April 2024)

Turkey’s colonisation of Somalia Erdogan’s Byzantine policy (Frederick Lauritzen 1st March 2024)  Defence Review UK (4th March 2024)


War and Peace between Pushkin and Mickiewicz (Frederick Lauritzen 23rd February 2024)   Defence Review UK (28th February 2024)


The Future of Crimea Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) or NATO outpost (Frederick Lauritzen 19th January 2024)   Defence Review UK (23rd January) Defence Review UK (29th January 2024) Express 29th January 2024)


Xi Jinping’s dictatorship: Early or late Caesar? (Frederick Lauritzen 22nd December 2024) Defence Review UK (11th January 2024)


Russia’s submission to China: Putin’s homage to Xi Jing Pi (Frederick Lauritzen 10th November 2023) Defence Review UK (15th November 2023)


China's conquest of Russia (Frederick Lauritzen 27th October 2023) Defence Review UK (30th October 2023)

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