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What we do

We provide written advice on political and cultural matters. We base our white papers on historical analysis and explain the relevance to today's status quo. Such analysis is used to establish commercial, cultural and political connections in new markets or areas of interest.

Our academic background is employed to analyse emerging new data by accessing information in the following languages:

Armenian, Greek, Serbian/Croat/Bosnian, Russian, and Turkish.


We also regularly write and converse in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


History is our collective memory which informs future decisions.

We provide

Consulting services

(please enquire about our hourly rate or longer term options)

Write either to Avedis Hadjian or Frederick Lauritzen for 

Research note (500 words)
Research article (1200-1500 words)
White paper (3000 words)
Book 7500  words (print or ebook versions available)


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