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Kallipolis is a consultancy firm which provides advice on political and social matters. It focuses on current affairs. Its analyses present data with historical facts. Kallipolis studies past trends which develop into the present status quo and provides insights into probable future outcomes.


Kallipolis has a weekly article (500 words) to illustrate its analyses and predictions.


Some of our successful predictions are the following:


​- 7th March 2024 Biden announces a new Port in Gaza. Article Modi and India (20th October 2023) pages 165-167

- October 2023 Ukraine Parliament initiates ban of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). Article Seismic Change in the Moscow Patriarchate (9th June 2022) Pages 25-27.

- 6th October 2023 Putin relocates the Black Sea fleet to Abkhazia. The end of the Black Sea Fleet (14th September 2022) pages 81-83.


Analyses from May 2022 to October 2023 are published in the following volume: F. Lauritzen, Method in Madness, Geopolitics in a changing world. Analysis and predictions, Venice 2023. (click here to buy the book) 


We provide:  Consulting services (please enquire about our hourly rate or longer term options). Write either to Avedis Hadjian or Frederick Lauritzen for


Research note (500 words)
Research article (1200-1500 words)
White paper (3000 words)
Book 7500  words (print or ebook versions available)

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