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interpreting the news
reading the past to analyse the future

καινὰ λύων τὰ παλαιὰ νοούμενα τέτλαθι μέλλον


The ideal city for Plato was Kallipolis,

the 'beautiful city' (Pl. Resp. 527c3)


Video of 

Renaud Girard (Figaro)


F. Lauritzen, Method in Madness: Geopolitics in a changing world. Analysis and predictions, Venice 2023.


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News Analysts

Kallipolis is a cultural and political consultancy. We provide advisory services and insights on socio-cultural dynamics, historical analysis of their roots. We also analyze and interpret religious causes of social and political developments as well as local public opinion and common sense. Our work and services are focused on the former Soviet Union, Central Asia, India, China, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, 

San Marco 4013A

Venezia, Veneto 30124


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