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Most articles below are published in 

Frederick Lauritzen, Method in Madness: Geopolitics in a changing world. Analysis and predictions, Venice 2023.

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Articles published in 2023

The Philosophy of Conflict (29th December 2023)

Xi Jinping's dictatorship (22nd December 2023)

The signs of Russia's defeat (15th December 2023)

The Europe of corridors (8th December 2023)

Harbin the new capital of Russia (1st December 2023)

Why do Evangelicals support Israel? (24 November 2023)

The Tripolar World (17th November 2023)

Russia's submission to China (10th November 2023)

Terrorism as the cult of the negative (3rd November 2023)

China's conquest of Russia (27th October 2023)

Gaza and India (20th October 2023)

Israel-Palestine War (9th October 2023)

Self-determination and ethnic cleansing (6th October 2023)

India by sea or by Land? (29th September 2023)

Putin Kadyrov Alliance (15th September 2023)

The pope's Russia Problem (3rd September 2023)

 The death of a Russian mercenary (25th August 2023)

Ancient Indian Democracy (18th August 2023)

Classical Languages of India and EU (11th August 2023)

Putin's destruction of Panslavism (6th August 2023)

Modi and Byzantine Wine (28th July 2023)

The Glass Wall (21st July 2023)

Secularism (14th July 2023)

Analysis and Decision Making Paradox (7th July 2023)

Benghazi and the future of Libya (1st July 2023)

The coup d'État in Moscow (25th June 2023)

The decision-maker and analyst paradox (7th July 2013)

Democracy and Imperialism Classical Athens and Nato (18th June 2023)

Kosovo (12th June 2023)

Women’s protests in Russia (5th June 2023)

Belgorod (23rd May 2023)

How Russia is outsourcing its war effort to paramilitary groups (9th May 2023)

Did Putin forget his Russian? (26th April 2023)

Crimea a defenceless myth (6th January 2023)

Articles published in ​2022

Holy War in Ukraine (19th November 2022)

Admiral Togo and Ukraine (7th October 2022)

Ukraine vs Russia: The final battle for the past legacy (26th September 2022)

Why do Azerbayjan and Turkey keep attacking Armenia (19th September 2022)

The end of the Black Sea Fleet? (14th September 2022) 

The politics of the Ukrainian alphabet (7th September 2022)

Gorbachev (31th August 2022)

The Pope and Darya Dugina (26th August 2022)

Constantinople: centre of Europe and Middle East (19th August)

Master and slave in foreign affairs (12th August 2022)

Ukraine and the Thucydides Trap (5th August 2022)

Mykolaiv and Roman Poetry (27th July 2022)

Putin's plan to partition Russia (15th July 2022)

All roads lead to Kaliningrad (8th July 2022)

Ukraine as a new Silesia? Putin and Frederick the Great (1st July 2022)

The Suwałki Abyss: Danzig anew? (27th June 2022)

Ukraine caught between Roman and International law (24th June 2022)

The Pope's choice and the Versailles dilemma (17th June 2022)

Clausewitz on Ukraine (10th June 2022)

Seismic change in the Moscow Patriarchate (9th June 2022)

A tale of polar diplomacy and suppressed sorrow: The end of an era for Finland and the world  (6th June 2022)

Swedish neutrality between the Cossacks and Ukraine (3rd June 2023

Into the Roadless Land: The Russian invasion of Ukraine (27 May 2022)

Solzhenitsyn on Ukraine (20 May 2022)

Prometheus unbound: elections in South Ossetia (13 May 2022)

A Lutheran Curia (5 May 2022)

Mariupol: a gateway to Europe (29 April 2022)

The myth of the West and Russia (22 April 2022)

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